The pennies are rolling


Faith Huenecke (11), Bailey Lewis (10) and Hope Huenecke (10) work on their Penny Wars signs to advertise the Penny Wars thought the corporation’s elementary and middle schools. The meeting was on Thursday, Nov. 17.

Gabriella Shumylo, Author

On Thursday, Nov. 17, Dollars for Scholars held a meeting to discuss their involvement in the Penny Wars, which goes on throughout the elementary and middle schools. Penny Wars is a competition to see which school and class can bring in the most money for Dollars For Scholars.

“Right now we are making posters to advertise the Penny Wars in the middle schools,” Hope Huenecke (10) said.

Dollars For Scholars met after school to discuss the volunteer work that they can do for the school and the community.

“We do a lot of volunteering around the school and community, we do different events. Right now we have a Watson Holiday Carnival coming up and the Bibich movie night, and other community activities such as the Down Syndrome Association, where DFS students go and help students with reading and math,” Ms. Ashley Kline, Guidance, said.

The next meeting is Dec. 15, for seniors only. The next meeting for all members is on Jan. 19.