History Club’s great success


Officers ask what the members want to happen differently for next years Veterans Day program. Many members contributed their ideas for ways to make the program even more successful.

Viraj Patel

History Club members met on November 18, Friday in the LGI. The officers held this meeting primarily to discuss the recent Veterans Day program.

“History club was behind the veterans day assembly. The whole club was divided into separate groups who had different roles ranging from “decorating, touring, parking, or display committee,” Ishika Prakash (11) said.

The officers and Mr. Tom Clark, Social Studies,  appreciated and praised the members for the time that they put into preparing the Veterans Day program.

“Everyone worked very hard in putting this event together and staying after school hours and hours at a time. All the veterans had an amazing time. Teachers came up to congratulate us [for] putting together something so great. The club overall was proud of the outcome,” Prakash (11) said.

The members also contributed what they thought should be done differently for next years Veterans Day program.

[The Veteran’s Day program] did not only magnify the appreciation of the veterans, but it extended the magnitude of the potential of our school to create something honorable,” Prakash said.