Helping from a distance


Hallee Agelson (10) signs up to sell bracelets at lunch. The bracelets were made by teenagers and adults in Nicaragua and Guatemala.

Justin Andrews

Habitat for Humanity is a worldwide organization that allows students to get involved and help out those inside and outside of their own communities. The club gives students the opportunity to help those who may not be as fortunate as they are.

“I joined the club so I could help others that do not have the things that I have and are not as lucky as I am,” Daena Schuh (10) said.

At their meeting on Nov. 29, the members signed up to order club t-shirts along with discussing upcoming fundraisers. The fundraiser, which is coming up soon in December,will help children from different countries get better education and housing.

“It is called the Pulsera Project. It is an organization based in the United States, but they help disadvantaged people in Nicaragua and Guatemala. Young people and collectives of adult women make bracelets and they are sold here in this country. Schools all over the United States and 100 percent of the profit goes back to the country and is used for education, housing and things like that. It is like free-trade practices,” Mrs. Cynthia Lale, World Language, said.

These bracelets will be on sale during lunches in December and will be sold for $5 each. All of the proceeds will be sent back to the countries that the bracelets are from, so students outside of the club will have a chance to help those in need just by buying one of these bracelets.