Otaku Obsessions


The club discusses the upcoming winter events that will be held for its members. They discussed their holiday party and a possible cosplay workshop.

Olivia Throckmartin

On Monday, Nov. 21, Anime Club held a meeting in Mrs. Kathryn Clark’s, English, room to discuss their plans for the holiday season. New members along with familiar faces attended the meeting. One of the club’s co-presidents, Alyssa Smyers spoke of the club’s future, as well as some other topics about the genre.

“I got interested through my older step-sister,” Alyssa Smyers (11) said. “She had me watch my first anime with her, and though that ended up being the only anime she ever watched, I continued.”

The members extend their love for the genre beyond club meetings. Most of the club has attended conventions where they gather and converse with people who share their passion for anime.

“Everyone is so nice. You get to talk to people that share your interests and you get to learn about new anime. There hasn’t been a convention I’ve gone to where I haven’t left without making tons of new friends,” Jonathan LaBelle (11) said.

Anime Club meets in C318 on the first and third Monday of every month.