Boys Bowling Captures Sectional Title

Jamie Zega and lakecentralnews

To win almost any competition, you need to lead by at least one. One point, one basket, one pin. The Boys Bowling team did not just stop at “one” at the Sectional meet.

“We lead qualifying by 359 pins over second place,” Nathan Maciejewski (11) said. “It’s a huge thing just because that is a game that technically we didn’t have to bowl because your [highest] score in a game is 300.”

After two regular games and five Bakers (five bowlers bowl one game), the Boys had a score of 3163, leading the seven-team field with Crown Point sitting in second, with a score of 2804. In a two-game roll-off to determine the Sectional Champions, LC defeated Crown Point to capture the title for the second year in a row.

“It was so great. We won, but not the fact that we won, it was the fact that we won as a unit, or as we like to call it, a team,” Maciejewski said.

In addition to sending the team to Regionals in Michigan City on Feb. 4 , LC is also sending two boys individually: Maciejewski and Ryan Gorman (11). Andrew Schmied (9) also qualified as an alternate for individuals.

“I’m excited because I didn’t make it out last year,” Gorman said.

Overall, there is a positive outlook for Regionals this year.

“If we bowl loose, we will be unstoppable,” Maciejewski said.