Girls Bowling Takes It All at Sectionals

Jamie Zega and lakecentralnews

When there are only four teams in a conference and only one of those four makes it out of Sectionals, the pressure is on.

“This was very important because there was only one team going out, and if we wouldn’t have won, our season would have ended Sunday,” Kelly Belzeski (10) said.

The Girls Bowling team understood the circumstances. Two games and five Bakers (five bowlers bowl one game)-  the highest scoring team of the four would be the Sectional Champion. There was no roll-off; it was all or nothing.

“We dominated. We fried ‘em like toast,” Belzeski said.

Although the teams were not burnt to a crisp, there was a bit of a defeat. The Girls finished 419 pins above second place for the Sectional title.
“It’s a big step from last year,” Caroline Dienes (10) said.

On Saturday, Feb. 4, the team will travel to Michigan City for Regionals.

“It’s really exciting. We stepped it up this year with our new coach. We all stepped it up and had good chemistry,” Belzeski said.

Only a few hours before the team event, three LC girls will take part in the individual competition: Laura LeVander (9), Dienes and Belzeski, who was the Sectional Champion.

“It feels so good. I’ve only been bowling for a short period of time. I stepped it up this year and bowled well,” Belzeski said.