Best Buddy’s holiday fun


Charlie August (10) interacts with buddies at the Best Buddies meeting. The club members decorated cookies and sang along to Christmas music.

Cherylynn Gholson

At the Best Buddies meeting on Monday, Nov. 28, the buddies decorated cookies, voted on Best Buddies T-shirts and socialized with other club members. The club meets every other Monday after school until 3 p.m.

Best Buddies is a club where you socialize and interact with special [education] students at Lake Central. If you don’t have a buddy, you are an associate member. What associate members do is just walk around and socialize with everyone or find someone to interact with,” Alyssa Gomez (10) said.

The meeting started off with socializing while the teachers set up the cookies, frosting and sprinkles. After that, the rest of the meeting was filled with decorating cookies while Christmas music played in the background.

“Today we got cookies and decorated them for the holidays. Everyone had lots of fun today with their buddy,” Gomez said.

Students have different ways of how they got started participating in Best Buddies.

“My friend introduced me to it, and I came to the second meeting and I really enjoyed it,” Charlie August (10) said.

The next meeting is on Monday, Dec. 12.