Formal madness


Winter Formal is on Jan. 21 at Halls of St. George. Many students prepare with a couple months in advance by finding a date and purchasing items for their memorable night.

Kristen Mirabelli

It’s that time of year again and formal is just around the corner. As formal approaches, Lake Central students rush to find the picture perfect date and attire.

“Formal is such a big deal because there are only a few nights a year everyone can come together and not focus on school and drama. [Students] can just dance and have fun. It’s all about getting dolled up and feeling truly beautiful,” Claire Kjweski (11) said.

Students spend many months preparing for that one special night, but that special night can be crushed by the luck of being able to purchase a formal ticket. Hundreds of students set their alarms for 6 a.m. and rushed to buy a ticket. Seniors got first grabs and the following day juniors got the opportunity. There was a dilemma this year whether or not the sophomores should be allowed to buy formal tickets, and many sophomores were not happy with only having a limited amount of tickets.

“I think it’s better to limit sophomores to a certain number of tickets because formal is more for juniors and seniors. Sophomores have two more years to go to formal, while this is a senior’s last formal. Sophomores should not be frustrated because they will have many opportunities in the near future,” Jennifer Companik (11) said.

Although many sophomores may disagree, students should realize that it is just a dance. Whether students decide to buy a cheap dress or a designer dress, formal is just a night for fun with fellow classmates. It should be a night you remember for the rest of your life