A dig into History Club

Mikaila Zvyak

On Friday, Dec. 7, students gathered in the LGI for history club. The officers talked about the Angel Tree and the movie, “Taking Chance.”

Mr. Tom Clark, Social Studies, talked about how the club needed to plan and help out with more events. He said that doing the Angel Tree is a great way for History Club to help in the community.

“I feel that it’s really important to help people especially around Christmas,” Madeline Spoerner (10) said.

After the officers were finished talking, Mr.Clark started talking about the movie and talked about how it is one of his favorites. He has shown it the previous year to History Club.

“I liked the movie because I feel like it was really interesting to see how he actually cared for the soldier even though he never even met him,” Brianna McCormack (10) said.

Madeline Spoerner agreed with McCormack about the movie. They both felt that the movie was very insp

“I thought the movie was really good. I was sad because just seeing the actual experience and how people actually respect a marine or anyone in the military.” Madeline Spoerner (10)

Mr. Clark frequently shows movies to history club. The club meets every Friday in the LGI.