Best Buddies takes on Science Olympiad


Science Olympiad members pack a goodie bag for BEst Buddies members. The bag was filled with candy.

Morgyn McAllister, Author

On Dec. 16, Best Buddies collaborated with Science Olympiad for their annual dual meeting. The meeting is usually a Halloween based meeting, but due to late planning it was modified to fit a Christmas theme.

“Science Olympiad is doing fun stuff for them today. Science Olympiad does this every year, like brings in their stuff like experiments they have done,” Julia Casner (11) said.

Everyone took turns with their buddies, going to different stations and participating in each activity.

“We are doing a lot of science games like the egg run, musical chairs and bean bags. So today is more of an activity day. [It’s different the most meetings because] we usually do things like make cookies and color, like last year we did a lot of baking,” Jessica Kiefor (11) said.

Despite the switch of their normal activities, most of the members from both clubs got to do activities they enjoyed. Some people didn’t care so much as to what activities they were doing, but who they were doing it with.

“All my friends [are my favorite part of Best Buddies]. [We] play games and all kinds of stuff. We eat snacks and [make] cookies too,” Haley Reynolds (11) said.

Kiefor also agreed that she was there for the people she was surrounded with.

“[I am in Best Buddies because] I just think it’s a really great thing to do, like good karma and it’s just really fun hanging out with them. They really bring pure happiness and it’s a good time,” Kiefor said.