Antiquing with Rita Mehas

Victoria New and lakecentralnews

On the weekends, many students spend their time going to the movies, the mall or partying with friends, but for Rita Mehas (10), weekends are spent doing what most teenagers do not even think of- antiquing.

“I just like money. I go [antiquing] on weekends because of the weird hours antique stores have. Sometimes, I drag my mom with, but everyone thinks it’s boring,” Mehas said.

Everyone else’s outlook on antiquing does not stop Mehas, who started antiquing because of a family member.

“My grandma has antiques in her attic, so I would always go and get them and see if they were worth any money. One time I found old spoons and took them to an antique store in Crown Point. To my surprise, I got $200 because they were real silver,” Mehas said.

Unfortunately, Mehas has not had much luck other than the spoons, but she does not give up hope. Antiquing has become a part of her life.

“I still like trying to find new things. All the antiques I find are rare, old and have meaning,” Mehas said.