Cracking under pressure


Nicholas Anderson (9) dribbles the ball to the net. Anderson later passed the ball to a fellow teammate.

Amber Murray, Author

On Monday, Jan. 9, the freshman boys basketball team competed against the Munster Mustangs. The team was strong through the first half of the game, but once halftime ended, the Mustangs stole the game with a score of 29-37. The team had hope for the second game, but faced another devastating loss with a score of 23-27.

Even with the defeat, the boys felt confident about their communication skills and their ability to unite as a team.

“We played better in the first half then the second half. We couldn’t quite close it out, but I feel like our team did really well in the game,” James Saggus (9).

Teams can get especially competitive when they’re playing against a rival school. Even though their hard work and determination showed throughout the first half of the game, the Indians cracked under the pressure of defeating the Mustangs.

“Everyone was a little mad because Munster is a rival and we never like to lose to them. We were especially mad because we were up by a lot at halftime, and we kind of got cold and a lot of turnovers in the second half,” Nicholas Anderson (9).

Even though the boys didn’t win these games, the team feels like they are still going strong and will clinch their next victory.

“It’s sad to take a [loss], but you have to bounce back and take a [win] come today,” James Saggus (9).