Formal to-do list


N-Teens members listen to Mrs. Becich, English, list the food options. Members chose three different hor d’oeuvres for formal.

Ruth Chen, Author

As the number of days wind down until Winter Formal, N-Teens members met in C114 on Wednesday for an update on Winter Formal planning.

“The point of the meeting was to make some last minute decisions about Winter Formal, to get some volunteers for the set-up and to go over any other things needed,” Mrs. Kelsey Becich, English, said.

As N-Teens checked tasks off their checklist, there were still some last minute tasks to accomplish.

“Planning is going really well. We are wrapping everything up at this point so it is the last minute little details that are being sorted right now. We still need to accomplish our Winter Formal court nominations; that email is going out this week. We still need to finalize our decorations and figure out everything with that,” Mrs. Becich said.

Although all N-Teens member feel some weight of the stress of planning, the Winter Formal coordinators feel the bulk of the stress.

“I think the hardest part of the planning the dance was going to all the different stores and figuring out what would be the centerpieces. The centerpieces are going to be vases with a skyscraper skyline cut out from cardstock with tea lights in the vases,” Frances Kornelik (12), Co-Winter Formal coordinator, said.

With the hard work put into the process, the results will pay off the day of the dance.

“The theme is City of Lights, so basically you can think Paris, New York or Chicago. Any typical city with a lot of stars and twinkling lights. As someone planning the dance, I’m looking forward to seeing how it will all turn out. I’m expecting a good result,” Kornelik said.