WISE kicks off 2017


Students listen to the presentation about college decisions. The presentation is part of a lecture circuit of women going into the STEM field or those who are currently a part of it.

Samantha Szewczyk, Author

Woman in Science and Engineering kicked off the new year Thursday, Jan. 12 with a continuation of a lecture circuit. Noelle Matasovsky (‘15) gave a presentation about the importance of choosing the right path for college and stressed choosing clubs that peak one’s interest in high school.

“The clubs in high school influence what you do because they look good on applications, and they help guide you on what choices in clubs you want to join in college. The clubs in high school that I did were Debate and Academic Letterwinners. I definitely did a lot of other stuff because it guided me in the direction of what I wanted to do and made me realize what my interests were,” Matasovsky said.

The club also discussed a Science Day at Kahler Middle School. WISE hopes to visit the school in February.

“The Science Days are really fun. The point of them is to encourage interest in science in younger kids. We go to the school for the whole day and during their school day [for] the seventh grade and eighth grade science classes we’ll come in. It’s just a fun day for them and a fun day for them and creates interest in science,” Nicole Geer (12) said.

Going forward, club sponsor Mr. Kendall Smith, Science, hopes that the club will continue to reach out to middle schools.

“We have a lot of momentum now. We have a big group and I’d like to see that continue and that we get these girls who are involved in this speech series get involved in outreach and in other areas,” Smith said.