Experiencing history in person


Students spill themselves into the classroom in a rush to find a seat for the movie presentation. Past presentations for history club have included the history of typewriters, election discussions and much more.

Melicah Rodriguez

The History Club gathered in Mr. Tom Clark’s, Social Studies, room on Friday, Jan. 13, to discuss the club’s plans for this year and watch a movie titled “Glory.”

“This semester, we are planning more field trips. We might be seeing a movie together, going down to Dayton, Ohio, maybe go down to the Science and Industry Museum and perhaps take a trip to the Munster War Memorial,” Caitlin Mavity (11) said.

The club is normally involved in the annual Veterans’ Walk/Run in Tri-Town Safety Village. This event will allow the club to raise money for the museum they are trying to build for Clark.

“It’s sometime in May. I believe last year it was May 25, but we’ll have to confirm with the Safety Village,” William Morris (12) said.

History Club will also be starting projects to support veterans for this school year.

“Maybe Honor Flight, or something that helps support the veterans because that’s a very important thing [to history club],” Mavity said.

The student-run club is led by multiple officers who give information and dates to the members at meetings.

“We give [the members] info on what’s going on. When we do fundraisers, we would tell them what to do and give them directions on how to do them. We get stuff done, but we also make sure the information gets out,” Mavity said.

Any student interested in history can find his or her niche in History Club.

“With History Club, we’re able to do a lot of unique things and experience history in person. Last year, the club went to Dayton, Ohio, at the Air Force Museum and we got to see the planes that won World War II and delivered men to space. It was an incredible experience that we’re hoping to replicate again this year with some trips,” Morris said.