Night of lights


Hayley Skrezyna (11) and Payton Sanders (11) slow dance together. Lake Central’s Winter Formal took place on Jan 21.

Hannah Hill

On Jan. 21, the Halls of St. George in Schererville, Ind. flooded with eager high school students in colourful dresses, dapper suits and dancing shoes ready to party at Lake Central’s annual Winter Formal dance.  

The dance itself was organised and set up by N-Teens who chose this year’s theme to be “City of Lights”.

“I thought the designs really fit the theme ‘City of Lights’. I really liked the silver and gold balloons and the lights on the table,” Tabitha Pappas (12) said.

Along with the twinkling decorations, the hall was filled with a photo booth, complimentary snacks and drinks and a DJ who many dance-goers have strong opinions on.

“The DJ did not play cool, unique songs. He chose the most overplayed, radio pop songs there were ,and I did not like any of them,” Brittney Howell (11) said.

Some highlights from the dance included the kiss between Formal king and queen Jackson Bosold (12) and Olivia Born (12) and a performance by members of the varsity football team singing “Courtney”, an original song written about Courtney Rhomberg (11) that went viral on Twitter.

“When a few of my friends told me they were gonna play the song I didn’t believe it. Then I saw some of the main singers of the song with a microphone, and I was really shocked so I ran up to them because I wanted to be there when they were serenading me. I was having a lot of fun with it. It was pretty cool,” Rhomberg said.