Preparing for the big night


The centerpiece glows with an outline of a city skyline. Students decided make the theme of the dance “City of Lights”.

Anni Rajput

N-Teens got together on Jan. 20 at the Halls of St. George to decorate for Winter Formal. A lot of time and effort went into preparing for the annual dance.

“We’ve been planning since the second month of school. In September., we started picking themes, and a few weeks ago we started picking food and ideas for balloons,” Mhejhana Williams (12) said.

A lot of thought went into deciding the theme and there were many options N-Teens had to consider in order the plan the perfect night.

“This year’s theme is ‘City of Lights.’ There is a city skyline around the centerpiece and there are lights in some of the vases. There are gold, silver and black stars to bring out the generic city theme,” Williams said.

Students have been able to really get involved by putting their input into decorating for Formal and by giving a helpful hand in setting up a few days before the dance.

“I have enjoyed planning and setting up. I chose to get involved with Formal because I have done to for the past two years, making this my third. It’s very enthralling to have a group of students come together to make a huge dreamed event come to reality,” Ishika Prakash (11) said.