Love within Campus Life


Madison MacLagan (9) and Alyssa Destefano (10) laugh as they clap for the performance. Members were able to form friendships through this club.

Bianca Matchain

Campus Life held a meeting on Feb. 7 in the cafeteria. This group meets once a week to create new friendships, play games and talk about various important topics to teenagers, such as the concept of love.

“We do games, then there are announcements, we watch a video, then break up into small groups [to talk about the video], then we come back and wrap up the topic,” Makayla Tubs (11) said.

This club provides a safe place where students feel welcomed to talk about problems and have a carefree couple of hours to play games and learn valuable life lessons along the way.

“It has helped me overcome a lot of issues that have come up in my past, and it has helped me battle different obstacles in my life,” Tubs said.

Once the group is done dancing and participating in different games, they watch video clips about the topic of the week. This week’s topic was inspired by Valentine’s’ Day: love was demonstrated with scenes from movies with different types of relationships.

“This week’s topic was interesting. I can’t relate to the whole relationship thing, but I thought it was really cool. [I learned] I am good just the way I am so I shouldn’t change for anyone and just be myself all the time,” Amanda Aponte (11) said.

The club works to understand these topics by breaking up into small groups and having more intimate conversations. A team leader asks a question to provoke thought and members are encouraged to share their own opinions.

“There are a couple who have never talked. Some are starting to open up. A couple reach out by text, and we always let them know that they can call us any time. It is really nice because they know they have someone to talk to,” Christy Crider, Campus Life team leader, said.