Sharing a passion for history


Members listen closely to Mr. Tom Clark, Social Studies, as he explains an upcoming field trip. The club has planned a trip to Dayton, Ohio to visit a museum.

Katelyn Pass

On Feb. 3, History Club held a meeting to discuss current and upcoming events. One of the main focuses of the meeting was the upcoming fundraiser to sell roses to raise money for Vincent Bossi (9).

“This meeting was about selling roses for the donation to ‘Like a Bossi’ because he is in the hospital so we are going to be selling roses before the week of Valentine’s Day and delivering them during Valentine’s Day,” Jaskiran Kaur (11) said.

Many students have joined History Club to embrace their passion and love for history. Being in the club allows members to expand their interest in history outside the classroom.

“I’ve always loved history. I enjoy it and I joined the club last year because I thought it would be really cool to have something to get history outside of the classroom. I just really like history and I think it’s important to learn about it. I took the leadership position because I wanted to try for something new that I’ve never done before. I never really was a leader and I thought it was going to be an interesting way to look at things,” Caitlin Mavity (11) said.

Besides providing volunteers for the community, History Club also provides the chance for members to share their interest with others. Members are able to learn about and discuss a variety of topics with others.

“Our overall goal I would say is to show people that history isn’t boring and even if there’s stuff you don’t like to talk about in the class you can bring it to a place where there is other people who share your love for history and you can find very interesting things to talk about,” Mavity said.