Q&A: Aniyah Thompkins (9)


Aniyah Thompkins (9) is posing for a picture at a Freshman Class Cabinet meeting. They discussed how they would organize the next Freshman Rush.

Liberty Toweson, Author

Q: What is the Freshman Class Cabinet?

A: It’s a club where freshman meet to discuss ideas for next year’s class and activities for us to do.

Q: What is your position in the cabinet?

A: I am the president of freshman class cabinet.

Q: What are some responsibilities you have with this role?

A: My responsibility is to be at every meeting and sometimes run the meetings. I pitch ideas and have my input on everything we do and discuss.

Q: What is one major thing that the freshman class cabinet has accomplished this year?

A: We created ‘Class of 2020’ t-shirts ,and we decorated the entire E hall for homecoming.

Q: Are there any other specific things the cabinet has achieved this year or throughout past years?

A: Last year’s cabinet planned the Freshman Rush and we’re doing the same thing. The freshman rush is a day close to when school starts where all the incoming freshman come to the school and get a tour. They get an insight as to what their first year at Lake Central is going to be like.

Q: What positive effects could being in the freshman class cabinet have on you?

A: It helps me to become more of a leader and to have an open mind. It also looks good on a college resume that you are involved in the school because you can do class cabinet sophomore, junior and senior year.

Q: Are there any negative sides about being in the cabinet?

A: There are a lot times where you have to stay after school and give some of your time because it’s not just during school.

Q: What advice would you give someone coming into your position?

A: I would tell them to really listen to other people’s ideas. Go around and ask people for their individual ideas.