Banquet planning


DJ Paul shows examples of ideas for the banquet to the class. He will be helping to plan the event.

Madeline Mills, Author

On Tuesday, Feb. 7, students from the senior class gathered to discuss upcoming and past events. The current event they are planning is the Senior Banquet.

“Senior Class Cabinet is a group of seniors that comes together about every two weeks to discuss events we are required to plan. Our focus is completely on Senior Banquet now that the fundraiser for Vincent Bossi [9] is done. We were able to raise over $700, so I feel like we did very well with that and I look forward to us continuing that excellence for senior banquet,” Stefan Krajisnik (12) said.

Their main focus now is figuring out how to properly plan the senior banquet. They want it to have new ideas but still the same aspects as the banquets in the past.

“Currently we are working on Senior Banquet, which is basically a dance in which only seniors can attend. Usually it’s a costume party, so we are trying to figure out how to incorporate what the DJ does and what we do in terms of decorating so everything can work well together,” Krajisnik said.

There will still be another class cabinet meeting to figure out the exact details of what the banquet will hold. The meeting will be held next Wednesday, Feb. 15.

“Our next meeting will be about finalizing how much we are going to spend on putting the dance together, and then from there we will determine how much tickets prices will be,” Krajisnik said.