Sketching out comedy


Alexa Spasevski (11) and Megan Paluszak (11) take pictures of Stephanie Gustas (10) and Evelyn Reder (12) in the skit “Dog and Cat.” Gustas and Reder acted as dogs who later rose up to turn their owners into cats.

Mia Brann

With little to no costumes, other than the matching blue Advanced Theater shirts, the sketch comedy groups, Funny-Side Up, Take a Bow and Stage 9, who performed on Monday, Feb. 13, were fueled solely on their energy and comedic expression.

“I think [sketch comedy shows] are really entertaining. I was actually a part of them last time. I find them entertaining because I know what’s going on before the show. They start off with the process of playing improv games before actually performing their skits, and they keep things that they like and turn those into skeletons for little skits,” Sophia Boeckstiegel (11) said.

Funny Side-Up started off the night with sketches including “On the Set of a Movie,” “Vocal Lessons” and “Product Peddlers,” which they had been working on in class. Take a Bow followed with the sketches “Creepy Janitor,” “Babysitting” and “Butler Knows All.” After intermission, Stage 9 brought “Divorced Germaphobe,” “Basketball Anniversary” and “Uncles and Robbery” alive.

“If someone had an idea for the sketch, we all contributed ideas to make the sketch how it actually was, and that was really awesome. We all worked very well together. My favorite sketch was the butler one because I was the butler and had all of those funny puns and how the outcome came and the butler won. It was was a very unique situation,” Stephanie Gustas (10) said.

In class, the groups of actors took time to work on turning improvisation games into sketch comedy skits ready to be performed.

“I feel like for improv games, you can play the game and then be done with it. It’s kind of easier to do shorter ones, but with an actual sketch based on games, you have to make it more developed,” Gustas said.