Silver nitrate science


Maya McCants (11) prepares the two different solutions with the help of Mr. Kendal Smith, Science. McCants made her own and then helped the club with theirs.

Mikaela Paniagua, Author

The Science Club held a meeting on Feb. 9, and Maya McCants (11) showed the club how to do an experiment called the “mirrored flask.”

“We participated in an experiment involving silver nitrate and an ammonium concentrate. We had two graduated cylinders, one filled with 2 milliliters of dextrose and one filled with a 9 milliliter solution. We then poured the dextrose into a beaker, followed by the other solution. After both liquids were in the beaker, we put a cork on the top and began rolling the tub. There was supposed to be a precipitate coating on the outside of the beaker to look shiny as silver,” Kailey Lessentine (10) said.

Even though the lab was presented the club step-by-step, not everyone’s experiment met their expectations.

“Our experiment didn’t turn out like it was supposed to. Ours formed a greenish-blackish lining around the test tube. I’m really looking forward to doing more labs and doing the labs that are holiday-themed, like for Valentine’s Day and Easter,” Anna Szlembarski (10) said.

The club’s next meeting is Feb. 23.