Senior Class Cabinet plans ahead


Members of the Senior Class Cabinet listen attentively during the meeting. Although the meeting was small, the club was able to discuss important issues involving the senior banquet.

Lauren Wisniewski

With the end of the year approaching, the Senior Class Cabinet’s plans for the Senior Banquet transform into reality. The cabinet finalized ticket sale dates and brainstormed ideas for superlatives and favors during their meeting held on Feb. 15. The members also began thinking of ideas for food to be served at the banquet.

“We discussed which [banquet] package we wanted for the senior banquet. We decided to go with the medium package. Even though it’s more expensive, we thought it would be a better experience. We talked about the class gift and brainstormed some ideas about that. Then we talked about how we need to start coming up with senior awards soon, which we will talk about next meeting,” Ruth Chen (12) said.

The Senior Class Cabinet meeting was brief, but informative. Members found out about the progress of the banquet. Since the cabinet’s main purpose is to plan the banquet, every detail needed to be well thought out.

“I feel like [people think] May is so far away, but it’s only around two months away. Tickets [for the senior banquet] are going on sale in two weeks and that’s crazy,” Chen said.

The next Senior Class Cabinet meeting will be held on Feb. 28 in E120.