Retracing History


Madeline Spoerner (10) and Mikaila Zvyak (10) listen to a presentation given by Caitlin Mavity (11). Mavity’s presentation was about Black History Month.

Gabriella Shumylo, Author

History Club met on Friday, Feb. 17, after school in Mr. Tom Clark’s, Social Studies, room. The club has been meeting in Clark’s room for the past few meetings due to technical difficulties in the LGI.

“This week at the history club meeting we went through this month’s facts of the day. Since it is Black History Month, we had a special emphasis on important things that African Americans did in this country,” Madeline Spoerner (10) said.

Caitlin Mavity (11) presented a powerpoint about important African Americans throughout history. Her powerpoint included songs by Aretha Franklin.

“[During the meeting] we saw a couple history facts of the day. We also watched a presentation about John Adams, which was given by Alexis,” Kaitlin Cunningham (10) said.

Alexis Nikolovski (11) gave a presentation about the president, John Adams.