Love on Campus


Students play games during the meeting. The games incorporated morals and lessons.

Viraj Patel, Author

On Monday, Feb. 21, Campus Life hosted a meeting after school. This group meets together once a week to discuss important topics and enjoy time with friends

“We participate in various games and activities and then learn a lesson and talk with [other students] about that topic,” Bennett Walker(10) said.

At the meeting, Campus Life members talked about love vs. lust. They discussed the differences between a healthy relationship filled with love and a relationship of lust. The girls and the boys went to different cafeterias. Each group talked about their specific gender opinions on love and lust.

“I learned that love is practiced safely and you are not using [your partner] to your advantage. Lust is where you want all the control and have sex with [a partner] you may not be with for the rest of your life,” Walker said.

During each meeting, the group talks about different topics similar to love versus lust. Campus Life leaders manage to keep the meeting enjoyable while still teaching a moral.

“I really like Campus Life. I always have fun with friends and still learn something [important] that can help me in life. This club has [taught] me many life topics,” Lucas Lucka (11) said.