Final hours of the year


Mrs. Kelsey Becich, English, greets the club in the LGI. The students discussed future plans for N-Teens.

Melicah Rodriguez

Since the N-Teens club is done planning for Winter Formal, the meeting on Wed. Feb 22 focused on the plans over the final months of this school year.

“We are working on finishing up community service hours for the year. [The kids] are just wrapping up some last-minute stuff for the rest of the year,” Mrs. Kelsey Becich, English, said.

As the year wraps up, N-Teens members are expected to meet a certain number of community service hours. Once these hours are reached, members will be eligible to visit Six Flags over the summer.

“For Six Flags, we are trying to determine what date that will be. As we draw closer to that, it will just be students handing in their hours and us going through and organizing them. Making sure they’re qualified,” Mrs. Becich said.

Joining N-Teens allows students to become a more involved member of the community. The club will condition students to become an overall balanced and motivated individual.

“You learn what community service is about. You learn how to manage that with everything else you do. It’s a well-rounded experience,” Mrs. Becich said.

There are a variety of benefits that students gain from joining N-Teens. Students, such as Jaskiran Kaur (12), have found a valued niche within the club.

“I feel like I have become an overall better person. Due to the daily interactions with so many new people I meet when volunteering, my socialization skills have increased. I have also gained a lot of friends,” Kaur said.