Making the Most of a Sad Season


Adam Moskalick and lakecentralnews

Wintertime can prove to be quite boring, limiting many students’ activities from little to none. Not all students fall into this slump of despair;however, some actually find a way to make the best out of the listless season. Zachary Tarnow (10) uses snowboarding as his escape from the seemingly imprisoning frigid weather.

“I snowboard because it’s a good way to exercise and socialize with friends and meet new people,” Tarnow said.

Snowboarding was not always Tarnow’s hobby; his friends introduced him to the sport.

“I tried it at my friend’s house because he was into snowboarding, and I have been snowboarding for one season so far,” Tarnow said.

Getting into the sport is one thing, but keeping up is definitely another.

“My friends [keep me going] because they always go, and I would have nothing else to do if I did not snowboard,” Tarnow said.

Tarnow’s friends help him to keep riding, but sometimes an extra push from someone else could be a determining factor, also.

“Lucas Magoon inspires me because he is really good, and every time I watch him ride, it inspires me to get better. He always looks like he’s having fun,” Tarnow

With inspiration, friends and the search for something to occupy his time, Tarnow keeps powering forward with snowboarding as these things fuel his drive to participate in the sport.