Best Buddies ball out


Lamar Murray (11), Katelyn Schutz (10), Kimberly Wojciehowski (10) and Ryane Kats (10) play Simon Says. Murray was the winner of the game.

Sofia Hay, Author

Best Buddies switched up their traditional meeting style on Monday, Feb. 27 by going to the gym instead of the cafeteria for their biweekly meeting.

“We decided to have the meeting in the gym to change it up a bit. We’re always in the cafeteria, and we wanted to move around and do something new. In the past [years] we’ve had a few meetings in the gym to play basketball or other games so we decided to do it again this year,” Kristina Almeida (12), Best Buddies President, said.

The meeting started off with a minor location mishap, causing everyone to switch to a different gym. Although this did result in a loss of time, members were still able to carry out the planned activities.

“We did Simon Says and [played] basketball. My favorite part was playing basketball with my friends,” Kamryn Saulesbury (10) said.

The next meeting will take place in the cafeteria on Monday, March 13.