Senior Class Cabinet Plans Senior Banquet


The club discusses budget plans for Senior Banquet. Ticket sales start March 6 and end March 13.

Olivia Oster

On Tuesday, Feb. 28, the Senior Class Cabinet met to talk about their final event, Senior Banquet. The club also looked back on their past fundraiser for the Bossi family by looking over the thank you note from their family.

“At the meeting we discussed final plans for Senior Banquet because tickets go on sale Monday, March 6. We needed to figure out exactly what the favors would be and what all the superlative awards would be,” Stefan Krajisnik (12) said.

Every year, the graduating class donates something back to the school. This class has big plans for their donation.

“We also discussed what our class donations would be after having met with Mr. [Sean] Begley, [Principal]. We are planning on giving a present to the school, so I’m excited to see how that will turn out. It will take work from us, administration and possibly the art department and custodians. It won’t be easy but in the end it will be worth it,” Krajisnik said.

Both the Class Cabinet President, Krajisnik, and Vice President, Ruth Chen (12), will have the opportunity speak at graduation, something that not everyone gets the chance to do.

“I am excited to give a speech at commencement because I feel like it is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. It’ll be exciting to reflect on our past four years while looking to the future,” Chen said.