Students making history


Tom Clark (Social Studies) shows the club last year’s club photo. The 2015-2016 school year was the History Club’s first year.

Kate Nowicki

History Club, sponsored by Mr. Tom Clark, Social Studies, is an academic club for dedicated history students to gain some extra knowledge outside of the classroom.

“We usually have some educational, informative presentation that the heads of history club put together, like a fact of the day, and then we talk about volunteer opportunities,” Sydney Batinick (11) said.

History Club meets every Friday in room C313 in Mr. Clark’s room, and approximately 20-30 students attend each week.

“We have a lot of student participation, so if they have something they care about or something they think people should know, we have them come up and they can do a presentation. We’re also trying to get some guest speakers in, and some of our officers like to give presentations and sometimes we watch videos or movies. Just fun things, like the video today. It was interesting to see how people don’t know basic history,” Caitlin Mavity (11) said.

Last Friday, Batinick presented the results to a history survey she had given to a number of Lake Central students.

“[The presentation] was a survey that I had to do for AP Government, and we asked an array of different questions, history related, politics related, just to get input from the students then see how much they know about government,” Batinick said.

Although it’s still relatively new, History Club continues to grow under Clark’s supervision as a successful club, despite having lost two of the leaders.

“This is our second year [because] it’s a new club. They just asked if I’d sponsor, and I said, ‘yeah I’ll sponsor it’, and so we’ve been continuing to do things. We did a field trip last year to the air force museum, first we went to Indianapolis, then we went to Dayton, Ohio. The club is getting bigger and bigger. I mean some people thought that the club would fall apart because Sarah Bredar (‘16) and Jovana Dodevska (‘16) were leaving, and the leadership this year is just outstanding,” Clark said.

With such great turn out each week, there is a lot of student participation through presentations and volunteer opportunities.

“I like how we get involved with the school. We’re not just learning history, we’re having fun,” Batinick said.