Check mate


Members of the chess club play their game. The chess club meeting was held Thursday, March 2.

Madeline Mills

On Thursday, March 2, students gathered in C326 to play chess and prepare for upcoming games.

“What I enjoy most about it is probably just playing the game. It’s a lot of fun, and I think it helps people get creative with their strategies and other aspects like that. Everyone is welcome,” Matthew Hughes (12) said.

Whether there is a lack of experience, or have been playing for four years, chess is another good way to meet different people and expand horizons.

“I started playing chess end of seventh grade because I saw the flyers around the school and wanted to see what all of it was about,” Matthew Hughes (12) said.

The students welcome everyone possible, and even offer to teach how to play chess if you do not know. Signs are hung up around the school as a constant reminder to just try it out.

“We typically meet every other Thursday after school in DVP’s [Dr. Dustin Verpootens’, Science,] room, C326,” Hughes (12) said.