LCDI Takes a Turn


Anna Oppermann and lakecentralnews

Every year, the Centralettes host the LC Dance Invitational, or LCDI, which allows dance troupes from all around Indiana to perform, ranging from age groups in elementary school to the Purdue University Dance Team.

“Whoever hears about LCDI and wants to come is invited to perform. It’s one of the biggest competitions in the state, and we all really look forward to it,” Ashley Roberts (11) said.

This year, Centralette alumni Kelly McCarthy was diagnosed with breast cancer. As soon as the team heard about it, they jumped on the opportunity to help raise money for her recovery. At the end of LCDI, Kelly and her twin sister, Kristen Maurer, took the floor and opened up the opportunity for a Turnathon to see who could do the most turns without falling.

“The Turnathon was kind of nerve-wracking because you didn’t know who had fallen around you, so you didn’t know if you were going to lose, but we were supporting Kelly and that’s what mattered,” Michelle Gentz (10) said.

Overall, $1200 was raised from the Turnathon and by selling cookies in support of breast cancer. Both sisters were very grateful for the Centralettes’ support.

“[Kelly and Kristen] are the most loving sisters I’ve ever seen; they’re amazing,” Roberts said.