Sophomores Share New Suggestions


Katelin Cunningham (10) and Bailey Lewis (10) speak about their ideas in front of the club. They discussed possible volunteering opportunities for the club to participate in for the future.

Brittney Howell

Sophomores gathered to participate in the Sophomore Class Cabinet meeting on Monday, Feb. 27. The meeting was led by Mrs. Stephanie Sivak, English.

“We’ve come up with a few ideas lurking on what we can do for Sophomore Class Cabinet. We discussed possibly making decorated shirts for the sophomore class. This will be a fun way to show spirit for the grade,” Mrs. Sivak said.

The meeting was brief, lasting only about five minutes. It was called so the club could discuss any new ideas for spring that they’d want to be involved in.

“We decided that another great idea would be to possibly start writing letters to shelters or churches or anything like that so we’ll be able to keep in touch with the community,” Mrs. Sivak said.

For Alysa Andrews (10), this was her first Sophomore Class Cabinet meeting. She remained quiet and listened to others ideas, but completely agreed on their views.

“This club is a lot different than I anticipated. I walked in here expecting it to be much stricter, but the meeting was super quick and laid back. This club allows me to have just another way to be more involved in my school,” Andrews said.