Counting Down Service Hours


Allison Centanni (9), Veronica Gonzalez (9) and Charmagne Abangan (9) signing their names on the sign in sheet before the meeting starts. Every meeting they have to sign in to show you commitment to the club.

Jade Mehok

On Wednesday, March 8, N-Teens students met in the LGI Room to talk to the sponsors, Kelsey Becich, English, and Gabrielle Rapin, Science. Every month, members meet to talk about new opportunities to do service hours and any big event coming up.

Last meeting, the students talked about working at Alsip and Franciscan Alliance St. Margaret Mercy Hospital.

“So far I have a total of 31 hours. I go to Faith Church in Dyer and I go once a month for five hours at a time,” said by Mariya O’grady (9)

Volunteer hours are due Tuesday, April 25. If you complete all of the service hours then you have the chance to go to six flags. Those who complete the required service hours needed will be awarded with a trip to six flags.

“It’s my second year doing N-Teens and I almost have all of my service hours. I’m going to go to six flags if my friends are going. I join because my friends did but ended up having fun getting to be involved in the community more,” stated by Julia Casner (11)

The next meeting will take place Wednesday, March 22. There are no big events coming up, mainly the meetings now are just about getting the service hours done.

Ashley Koutropoulos “I don’t have all of my service hours but i’m almost complete. I’m going to six flags if i’m friends go. I joined N-Teens because I thought it would be fun and I was right it was fun.”

N- teens is a great club where you can interact with the community, give back to others, and being with friends.

“I enjoy volunteering, so N-Teens is fun to me. My sister did it when she was in high school and I wanted to give it a try. I volunteer at the Daily Bread Food Pantry with my friends and it’s a lot more fun than I originally thought it would be,” Frida Arellano (9) said.