Capturing the Clubs


Thespians pose for their club photo. Many of the students involved in this club do multiple shows throughout the year.

Morgyn McAllister, Author

Lake Central offers a variety of clubs and extracurriculars to it’s students. Just like sports and academic sections, there’s a spot for clubs in the 2016-2017 yearbook. Over the span of three days, club group pictures were taken to honor all the work and dedication put into these clubs over the school year.

Not everyone joins the same club for the same reason. Some join for fun or others even join to help support the furthering of their future career.

“Since I want to be a French teacher, I figured it only makes sense to learn about the history and culture, as well as the actual language itself,” Michael Kulik (11) said.

Some students choose to enhance their high school experience by getting involved in clubs that deal with school spirit such as Junior Class Cabinet.

“I like to help out with the school’s dances and organizing things that I will be apart of in high school. It’s gone pretty well this year, there were a lot more people than last year. I would say it was a good turn out,” Tiffany Gilinski (11) said.

Each of the clubs were given a day and approximate time their picture would be taken during PtE. Club by club they were corralled up and put in line. Then each group organized themselves in order from shortest to tallest. Once it was their turn to go, they were dispersed into several rows to finally get their picture taken.  After the main event, they were required to stay in order and slide down to the end of the bleachers to write their names down before being released back to class.