All will come to a happy ending


Lake Central Theatre Company’s seniors take a final bow at the end of their performance. Senior Night was on Thursday, March 16, and kicked off their final weekend of performances.

Jessica Wojton, Author

After one successful weekend for Lake Central Theatre Company’s production of “Into the Woods,” the company kicked off their final weekend of shows with their Senior Night on Thursday, March 16.

To recognize their seniors, the company is giving all of the proceeds from that night to scholarships. This time, they raised over three thousand dollars to give to this year’s seniors, both actors and crew.

“Senior Night is a really special night because it really hits us who is leaving next year. The parents all make food and we have a longer intermission and we take donations for senior scholarships. All of the ticket sales go towards the scholarships as well. This year we raised $3,500 for scholarships, and I think that’s amazing,” Hannah Souronis (12) said.

Even though it was not their last performance, the seniors still felt emotional knowing that it was their last musical at Lake Central.

“I’ve been doing shows with Lake Central since I was 12, so I’ve grown up in this theater company. No matter what night we perform, I get very sad knowing this is my last big show with LC that I’ll probably ever do and it’s very hard to think about,” Adam Gustas (12) said.

Despite the sentimental feelings about being in their final LCTC show, some seniors are grateful for the opportunities this company has given them and are looking forward to catapulting their future career.

“[Mrs. Pam Neth, Art, and Ms. Nicole Raber, Guidance,] have given so many opportunities and roles that have varied in size which had taught me that you have to take what you get and make the best out of it. I don’t think I could’ve gotten the things I’ve learned from them from anyone else. They’ve shown me what I can do, and performing is a thing I want to do for a long time and I hope it works out for me as a career. I’ve learned what I care about and what I don’t. This is the only thing I could see myself doing for the rest of my life,” Gustas said.