Election Day 2017


Students listen to the officers discuss current events. The officers explained that the club would be voting for next year’s officers.

Brianna Clarke, Author

History Club met on On Friday, March 17 after school in the LGI Room. The club held elections for next year’s officers.

“I hope that [the new officers] love history as much as we do and I hope [the new officers] help us with everything that we need help with and that we work together not just as officers, but as friends. Saying goodbye to the old officers is going to be hard. I’ve been here for two years and it’s going to be upsetting seeing [the senior officers] go, but I know [the senior officers] will come back and visit,” Alexis Nikolovski (11) said.

There were four possible candidates, Marti Davis (9), Rachel Linker (9), Theodore Mantis (10) and Katarina Nikoloviski (9). They each presented a speech to the club on why they should be elected and their plans for the club.

“For the future of the club I want to make sure everyone feels welcome and doesn’t feel like they have to come here. I want [coming to the club] to be a choice. I want [the club] to be exciting and to have a great atmosphere when people come in here [for it] to just be a great experience,” Mantis said.

The new officers will be announced in the next meeting.

“I think [the speeches] went well. It was nice to see the people who spoke and how they all spoke even though they didn’t have to. They all stepped up to the plate. I would be happy if any one of them got elected, so we’ll see what happens next meeting” Nikolovski said.