Lucky with buddies


Club members sit and wait for directions at the beginning of the meeting. The cooking groups were made up of five to six students.

Julia Casner

On Monday, March 13, the best buddies held a meeting. This meeting was based around St.Patrick’s Day. The students  and their buddies made rice crispy treats with either green M&M’s or Lucky Charms. Each meeting is held on the first and third monday of each month.

“I joined best buddies because I enjoy working with the special ed kids,” Alyssa Gomez (10) said.

Best buddies gives Special ed students a chance to interact with their peers several times a month. At the beginning of the school year, students were assigned a buddy. The buddies continue with their buddy throughout the year to build an unbreakable friendship.

At this meeting, The peer buddies helped their buddies make Rice Crispy Treats. The students got to learn how to make them and they also go a hands on experience with their buddy.  

“My favorite part about today was helping the kids cook,” Christina Gomez (12) said.

Each meeting, the students do something fun. Whether it be cooking, making crafts, playing games or even just talking, it brightens the students day.