Facing your fears


Several students volunteer to play a game in which they had to bob for gummy worms in a bowl on the floor. The game was played boys against girls and the boys won.

Kate Nowicki

For their last meeting before spring break, Campus Life got together to discuss the topic of fear.

“I think if you let it control you, it can ruin your life, but if you learn how to deal with it in a healthy way then it won’t be something that’s as prevalent. I think one of the most important things in our life is learning to conquer our fears and to grow from those experiences,” Jeremy Melf, Campus Life Volunteer, said.

To start off the meeting several games were played to break the ice and introduce this week’s theme.

“We specifically chose those games to focus their minds on some things that create fear, so it was oriented to get the mind working before we’d even gotten into the topic,” Melf said.

Before discussing the topic, the students were led in a game similar to ‘would you rather’ in which the students were given two choices and they needed to choose which one they feared more.

“They tested your emotions.They wanted to see what you feared,” Krystal Romer (10) said.

Next, the students sat down to watch a video clip from the movie “Inside Out” to help them better understand fear.

“‘Inside Out’ is about emotions and what we’re learning is about emotions, so they show us little clips of how the emotions in the movie express themselves to give us a better understanding of what we’re expressing,” Danielle Buckley (12) said.

After the topic was introduced through the video the students were split up into groups where they got a chance to discuss their own fears and insecurities.

“[We split them up into small groups] to spark conversation and to let them know that they can talk about things that they’re afraid of. I’d like to think in small groups they’re allowed to address some of those fears that they may have and be able to kind of open up the doors for conversation about how can I actually healthily conquer these things,” Melf said.

Fear is a challenging emotion, and by shedding light on the subject the Campus Life leaders hope to help these students gain confidence in themselves and a better understanding of emotions.

“Don’t run away from your fears because they just follow you,” Buckley said.