A New Look


Members of sophomore class cabinet listen to new ideas about t-shirts. They shared thoughts on the best designs.

Dana Brownewell

Sophomore class cabinet is a group of students thinking of new ways to promote school spirit. They get together once a month with Ms. Sivak, english.

“[We] get together as sophomores and look for fundraising opportunities and social opportunities. Today we picked a different shirt template to have spirit wear for the sophomore class,” Ms. Sivak said.

By getting together and coming up with new ideas for shirts, they encourage other sophomores to get excited for the experiences coming up.

“I joined sophomore class cabinet because I love being in clubs and being involved in school. I just think this is a great way to experience high school,” Jennifer Campos (10) said.

This meeting was brief and focused on upcoming sales of the class of 2017 merchandise. The next meeting will be in a month and they will be available to purchase within the next month.