Checking in with History Club


Members are able to create presentations to share with the club. In order to do so, they must have spoken to club officers to have a time set up.

Ayah Eid

On Friday, April 7, students gathered in Room 313 for History Club. The 30 members met  Friday and discussed   topics ranging from their field trip opportunity to Japanese theatre  through activities and the presentations of their fellow club members.

“People can sign up to do a presentation on whatever they want. They have to talk to an officer and it doesn’t have to be a certain topic, it just has to be about history,” Erin Plenus (11) said.

Other than learning through presentations and activities, students have the opportunity to go on a field trip at the end of this year.

“We’re going to go to a couple museums in Indy and then we’re going to go to Dayton, Ohio and go[ing] to an air force museum,” Plenus said.

Members also have the opportunity to help organize and volunteer.

“History Club is the sister club of the Interact Club. If they ever need more people, since Interact is a smaller club, they open it up for History Club,” Erica Araujo (11) said.

Members also help organize and plan the school’s Veteran’s Day Ceremony in November.

“Next year, we’re going to help organize the Veteran’s Day Ceremony. There’s usually traditions for it, so [we’re] keeping up with the same traditions,”  Lindsey Buchler (11) said.

Although the club meets weekly, going to every club isn’t expected and meetings can range from 15 minutes to 40 minutes.

“It’s noncommittal. You can just come and see what it’s like. Its really fun and you meet new people,” Buchler said.