Awarding 3.9 and above


Marissa Denys (10) receives her certificate. The banquet lasted an hour and a half.

Amber Murray

On Thursday, April 6, the Academic Letter Winners club attended their banquet at Casa Maria Banquet Hall. Certificates and plaques were handed out the to attending members for their hard work throughout the school year.

“The hardest part about keeping up my GPA is the amount of time I have to spend studying and doing homework. I have to give up spending time with friends to maintain my grades which makes maintaining my GPA so difficult,” Kaitlyn Kennedy (10) said.

Adapting to the pressure to keep your grades up can be difficult, but with determination the weight of pressure can feel a little lighter.

“I keep everything very organized and plan ahead so that the pressure will not feel so immense on my shoulders,” Kennedy said.

Even through maintaining grades can be a challenge for most students, the benefits that come after high school are worth the sacrifices made during the school year.

“I think it will help me in the future because it looks so good to colleges if you are able to maintain your grades and have a high GPA,” Lauren Kosina (10) said.