Best Buddies Go On a Hunt


Best Buddies meets in the cafeteria on Monday, April 10. This meeting consisted of an easter egg hunt and coloring.

Viraj Patel, Author

Best Buddies held their meeting in the cafeteria on Monday, April 10, but the club did something unusual for this meeting.

Because of the upcoming Easter holiday, Best Buddies volunteers organized an Easter egg hunt. The volunteers placed eggs throughout the cafeteria and Town Square. The Buddies raced throughout the course finding eggs and putting them into their bags.

After this activity, the group, with their bags filled with eggs, colored Easter-themed coloring pages.

“I think that they had lots of fun. During the Easter egg hunt, I saw so many with smiles on [their] faces. [Also] while they were coloring and finding the candy inside the eggs, they looked so excited,” Brenda Almeida (10) said.

The next meeting will be held in the cafeteria on Monday, April 17.