Reunited with the 59ers


Connor Hoffman (11) swings his bat in an attempt to get a hit. The Indians ended up only getting one run in and lost 6-1.

Jocelyn Vanek

On Friday, April 7, the varsity boys baseball team faced the Andrean 59ers after not playing them last since 1998. With only a few games into the season, the boys were still learning how to work together and ended up losing with a score of 6-1.

“Andrean brought the energy and it showed, so overall we need to bring up our intensity. I wouldn’t say we are struggling, but it could be going better. We are looking to pick it up and get on a little streak and have our season break out,” Joseph Graziano (12) said.

The boys spend their weeks practicing or at the games that fall on those days. After putting in a lot of time and hard work, they expect good outcomes, but recently have been on a little let down.

“I think the beginning of our season is a little different because we did lose two games that we weren’t expecting to lose. We don’t [get stuck on the fact] that we lost though. I think it’s good that we all are on the same page and try not to think about what is done in the past,” Christopher Fundich (12) said.

Another factor that affects this season is the new coaches.

“I like the new coaches a lot. Coach Mike Swartzentruber, business department, is a relaxed guy but demands a lot out of us, but overall I like him a lot.  Our new pitching coach works well with us and I think he will help me a lot,” Joseph Graziano (12) said.

The team’s  next game is Wednesday, April 12, on the home turf.