Continuing the stride to help others


Rachel Eder (11) and Jaskiran Kaur (11) work on posters for the upcoming fundraiser. Interact had set up multiple fundraisers in the past.

Anni Rajput, Author

Interact Club met on Monday, April 17, to discuss volunteer opportunities and events coming up in the near future.

“We talked about an upcoming meeting of Interact Clubs from all over our area [including] different schools and districts. They are all getting together this weekend to bring together a shipment of goods to send to the troops overseas and to veterans hospitals,” Caitlin Mavity (11) said.

One of the major things Interact is preparing for is the annual Pennies for Polio event.

“The rotary club, which is our club sponsor, is a world-wide organization, and they raise a lot of money in order to get the vaccination for polio. [Polio] is almost eradicated, so we like to keep helping the [rotary club] to get [the vaccination] administered and have [polio] eradicated,” Mavity said.

While the club prepares to achieve success with these events coming up, students have already done so much to help the community in a variety of ways.

“My favorite part of Interact Club was the rose sales for Valentine’s Day. Our club was in charge of selling and distributing the roses. We sold the roses during lunches and all of the proceeds went to Vincent Bossi. It was really fun to make the tags for the roses and distribute them on Valentine’s Day,” Rachel Eder (11) said.

As the school year starts to come to a close, Interact members reflect on this past year and the valuable lessons, skills and knowledge they have learned.

“Through Interact I have learned to be a better leader and keep things organized. I am used to being in charge of different events and making sure that everything is carried out smoothly. Interact Club has taught me how to communicate easily with others and work with others,” Eder said.

Next year, underclassmen will be able to gain more responsibility by taking on the role of officer positions.

“We do have two underclassmen coming up as co-officers. This year one is a freshman and one is a sophomore so when the three [presidents of the club] leave next year, they will be able to take over and then bring up people and start a cycle of learning from previous [presidents],” Mavity said.