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This past weekend, the Varsity Centralettes were crowned the 2012 National Champions for the Large Varsity Jazz category at NDA Nationals in Orlando, Fla. This is the third year in a row that the Centralettes have won a National Jazz championship. The Centralettes were also awarded the Technical Excellence award for their jazz performance and fifth place in Hip-hop.

“It felt good [to win my first LC Nationals] because it was with a team I really appreciated. They are all energetic and loving people. We worked very hard for [the National title],” Kaitlyn Speckman (10) said.

The Varsity Centralettes had a shaky beginning to their season. Winning a third National Championship is almost unheard of, but the Centralettes were determined to bring home the black jackets.

“Honestly, I had it set in my mind [that] we were going to win. I had a good feeling about our dance; I wasn’t worried at all,” Allie Tribble (12) said.

Accomplishment can be one of the best feelings in the world and in one’s life, and this is exactly what the Centralettes felt right after they were announced National Champions.

“[Winning nationals for the third time was] the best feeling because this year was rough at the beginning, and we were still able to pull through and win Nationals,” Allie Tribble (12) said.

The Centralettes will go on to compete for their 18th State Championship this Saturday, March 10, in New Castle, Ind.