Open Ears, Open Minds, Open hearts


Mason Crawford (11) starts off the club by breaking the ice and playing a song on his guitar. Crawford ran the Open Mic club this year on Thursdays after school.

Madison Sandoval

On April 20, students gathered in the library after school to attend Open Mic club. This club is all about students sharing their artistic abilities to their peers.  

“I noticed that there were a lot of students that have great artistic ability and they have no place where a crowd can come and enjoy  their ability in music, poetry and singing, so I carried on this club from an alumni now. Someone who graduated last year and ran this club last year passed it down to me, and so that’s why I want to carry on this club,” Mason Crawford (11) said.  

Open Mic club is a place for students to go and enjoy spending time with their friends.  

“I like the atmosphere. It’s really chill and laid back. You don’t have to worry about getting made fun of or whatever you just get to be yourself. The fact that you don’t have to perform in order to be here, you can just chill out and be with your friends,” Ava Solas (9) said.  

The club meets every Thursday in the library for an hour and they take turns performing while others sit and drink hot chocolate and eat cookies.  

“Just come and watch people perform and you don’t have to come here and perform every time or ever, just come here and enjoy people’s abilities. You’re doing something not a lot of people spend their time doing and that’s amazing in its own way.  You’re doing something great,” Crawford said.  

Many students become nervous walking into a new club they have never been before, but this club was made to have a welcoming environment.  

“It gives them a social gathering as well as a place to express artistic ability in poetry, music, singing and stand up comedy,” Crawford said.