LC Theater Performs Annie


“It’s the hard knock life!” the orphans shout at the audience at their third performance of Annie, the musical this year at LC.

“[The last shows went] very well, but I think [the shows] could keep getting better,” Samantha Gross (10) said.

The next two performances are on March 9 and 10, both at 7 p.m.

“[People] should come see [Annie] because there is a lot of talent here at Lake Central,” Gross said.

Annie is a musical about an 11-year-old orphan named Annie who escapes her terrible orphanage and goes to stay with a billionaire, Oliver Warbucks. Throughout her experiences, Annie stays positive and uplifting and gains new friends. As bonds are made between Annie and Mr. Warbucks, bonds are made and strengthened behind the curtain.

“[The best part of the show is] making good friends that I never thought I’d be friends with,” Elizabeth Andre (10) said.

The musical only remains for two more nights, so come out and support LC theater!