Ready, Set, Go


Rachel Frieling (12) writes the details for race day on the white board. Frieling was in Student Council for two years and was the president this year.

Olivia Oster, Author

On Thursday, April 20, Student Council met to pick up their Color Run t-shirts and made some last minute plans for race day. Student Council has been planning for this event since January and used this meeting to wrap things up.

“After everyone had their shirts, we started by talking about all of the different jobs available on race day, then we had everyone rank the different jobs that they wanted in order. We also talked about what time we needed everyone to be there on race day and briefly talked about what still needs to be done pre-race,” Rachel Frieling (12) said.

The Color Run is a community event that helps raise money for Riley’s Children Hospital, Munster Cancer Center and student scholarships. The run itself has an underlying meaning.

“Cancer is a growing disease that affects so many people not only globally but even here at home. Joining the run and all the food and colors [symbolize] what you are really running for: to help fight cancer. Bright colors symbol[ize] the hope that you are giving people and the fun parts like the food and bouncy houses symbolize the fun that is in that moment, to enjoy the time you have right now, in this moment,”  John Rizzo (12) said.

This is the second year that Student Council has put together the Color Run. Members left the meeting with high expectations.

“I expect it to be more exciting and more color than last year. Last year was a test run and it was the first, we played [it] by ear. Now that we know what to keep and to change and such, we’ve made several improvements for a better experience for everyone,” Inna Ramos (12) said.

The Color Run will take place on May 13. To sign up for Late Registration, go to